Will and Estate Disputes

If you would like clear, helpful, and concise advice about:

  • Challenging a Will
  • Defending a Will challenge brought by somebody else
  • Pursuing a claim for financial provision from an Estate (an Inheritance Act Claim)
  • Whether a solicitor has negligently prepared a Will
  • Applying to remove an Executor from continuing to Administer an Estate
  • Choosing or amending your lasting power of attorney (LPA)

Whether you are making or defending a dispute against a will or require further mediation dispute resolution, contact us at Sparlings for the compassionate, specialist advice that you need. We also offer expert will writing and probate services for those looking to amend their will, including changes regarding the lasting power of attorney.

We understand that this is a sensitive matter, often including a confrontation with close family and loved ones. This is why we take a calculated and strategic approach to reduce stress and further implications. At every stage of the process, we are dedicated to making sure your claim goes as smoothly as possible, reaching the best resolution.

We also offer expert will writing and probate services for those looking to create or amend their will, which is why we encourage you to contact us today.

"We offer a variety of different funding methods to reach your end goal and vision, including a fixed fee first interview.

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