First-Time Buyer Conveyancing

Buying your first home is an exciting time, with new prospects and new beginnings. The process of home ownership can be overwhelming as being one of the biggest purchases of our lives. Therefore, mistakes should be avoided at all costs. The complexities of home purchasing often overshadow the positive experience of buying your first home.

At Sparlings, we provide clear, concise, and friendly advice making you feel at ease, especially for first-time buyers. We have helped thousands of first-time buyers around Colchester, Manningtree, and Essex. We always ensure that you are guided every step of the way, including access to schemes to aid in purchasing such as Help To Buy. Our experienced residential conveyancing solicitors will always be on hand to explain the legal process with as little jargon as possible. It is our job to make sure that everything is completed efficiently within a timely manner, ensuring there are no hiccups along the way as you take your first steps onto the property ladder.

What Is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the area of law that relates to moving home. A conveyancer is a specialist in that law relating to moving home. Their job is to collect and process the paperwork to transfer the ownership of property or land from one person to another.

All solicitors are able to carry out this work, however, not all we are experienced in it. For experienced solicitors and friendly advice contact the team 01206 733733 and

What Does a Conveyancer Do in the Process?

One of the first stages of the purchase process is conducting vital research on the property. Contacting local agencies to check to see if any building plans are forecasted and whether there are any previous liabilities relating to the property from previous tenants.

What Is Stamp Duty? And Do I Need to Pay For It?

Your conveyancer will talk you through any additional costs such as stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax that you may need to pay when you purchase a property. However, first-time buyers are exempt from this form of tax only if the property purchased is less than £300,000. If the property is above £300,000 then first-time buyers will pay a discounted rate of 5% up to £200,000

For example, if your dream property was listed at £375,000, £300,000 would be tax-free. £75,000 would be subject to 5% Stamp duty.

Meaning you would pay £3750 in stamp duty

If you have any other questions or would like to start your journey on the property ladder, contact our team today at 01206 733733 and

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